Interior Design | Pastoral Associate Brittany Feldott

August 22, 2021
Join us as Pastoral Associate Brittany Feldott continues our HOME series with an exploration of the creation narrative in Genesis – searching for clues about our interior design. Each of us has an innate drive to find a place to call home: a safe place to rest, to decompress, to grow. And it's not just us people; birds, worms, and bees all have their places. Trees, too, like to put down roots. What's that about? If we find in ourselves a desire for home... could it be that we were designed for one? And if that's the case, what's keeping us from finding it? This weekend, we go back to the beginning to look for some answers - and by that, we mean the very beginning. Watch this video.

Everyone Has a Story | For the One | Pastor Ben Feldott


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