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Our Deep Six discussion questions are designed to help you and a small group of friends explore the Sunday message during the week. Each study guide includes a message summary, extra resources, and six questions to help you apply the lessons to your own lives. Explore with your best friend, your family, or your CCC small group!

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May 28, 2023
Beyond Happy: "Intro to Philippians"

Today we kick off a new summer series exploring Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Philippians isfamously filled with inspiring and memorable verses, like “I can do all things through Christ whostrengthens me” (4:13). But the book is more than just a collection of catchy sayings – it’s anencouragement for those who are doing pretty well in the Christians life, but want to go “Beyond Happy.”

May 21, 2023
Candid Jesus: “Something Hopeful"

Jesus’ final “candid conversation” with his followers while here on earth was a hopeful one, and it’s the essence of the Good News we proclaim. But it was a bit confusing to his disciples; Jesus was leaving them, but his Ascension into heaven was not the end – it was just the beginning. With his words, he gave them (and us) an ultimate purpose for now, as well as an ultimate hope for the future.

May 14, 2023
Candid Jesus: “The Surprising Truth About Love”

After appearing to his disciples in Galilee and making them breakfast on the beach, Jesus has a “candid conversation” with Peter – a conversation that lovingly restores him after his three-fold denial of Jesus on the night before he was crucified. And on this Mother’s Day, Jesus’ conversation with Peter can teach us a lesson as well: a lesson about what love – real love – actually looks like. 

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