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Our Deep Six discussion questions are designed to help you and a small group of friends explore the Sunday message during the week. Each study guide includes a message summary, extra resources, and six questions to help you apply the lessons to your own lives. Explore with your best friend, your family, or your CCC small group!

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May 19, 2024
“Spiritual Conversations with Kids” 

In kids ministry, our job is what we’re going to talk about today: engaging kids in spiritual conversations (although they rarely start that way…). To do so, we must listen intently for clues that give us any sort of hint that God might be calling a child to himself.

May 12, 2024
Jesus Among the Gods – “Great Reviews”

For the last few weeks, we’ve looked at how Jesus fits in among the “gods” of an increasingly secular and skeptical culture, and how we can share our faith in him amid that culture. The #1 point we’ve realized is that the invitation from Jesus to accept his gift of grace isn’t in any way exclusive – it’s for everyone and anyone who chooses to accept it. Paul famously made this clear in Athens in Acts 17 as he addressed another audience with many gods – and let them know that only One is worthy of worship.

May 5, 2024
Jesus Among the Gods – “Bad News and Good People”

People have many reasons for being against – or not trusting – the church and Christianity. Sometimes those grievances are personal, and sometimes they’re a grudge against the faith as a whole for all the “bad things” done by those who claim to follow Jesus. History is littered with stories of “Christians behaving badly” – but is that the whole story of the Christian faith over the centuries?

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