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Our Deep Six discussion questions are designed to help you and a small group of friends explore the Sunday message during the week. Each study guide includes a message summary, extra resources, and six questions to help you apply the lessons to your own lives. Explore with your best friend, your family, or your CCC small group!

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October 1, 2023
Four Questions for a Better You - “Dating, Marriage and Getting Along”

This week we look at the last of the “Four Questions” – and it’s perhaps the hardest one. Lots of (most!) couples struggle with how to consistently get along in their relationship, and one question often helps the reframe their disagreements and distrust. But to start the discussion, we need to go back to God’s original, intended design for relationships between men and women.

September 24, 2023
Four Questions for a Better You - “Judgy and Offended”

“Judgy” may be a new word, but the problem of people being judgmental and offended about almost everything and everyone isn’t new. In fact, Jesus addressed the problem 2000 years ago in Luke 6: “Don’t judge…don’t condemn…forgive instead.” But Jesus wasn’t saying that we shouldn’t evaluate and discern what’s right and wrong, good and evil – he was warning against pre-judging people and deciding who is and isn’t worthy of grace. And one quick question can help prevent us from doing so… 

September 17, 2023
Four Questions for a Better You - “The Hardest Decisions”

We’re talking about “Four Questions for a Better You” – because questions are better for learning then just being told the “right answer.” This week’s question may be the most important and useful one, because asking it can help us make some of the hardest decisions we are faced with in life – almost all of which involve people. Hard decisions like “What do you do when your next-door neighbor has all the ‘wrong’ bumper stickers on his car – and wants to talk politics?” It turns out that these kind of questions are why almost everybody likes Jesus, even if they don’t like Christianity or Christians. 

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