A Poem for Saturday: "Let My Prayer Be As Incense"

A Poem for Saturday:

"Let My Prayer Be as Incense"

By William Gadsby

A Godliness which feeds on form,

And lip devotion, barren cheer,

Will satisfy an earthly worm,

Who learns to think and call it prayer;

Contented with the husky part,

A moving lip and silent heart.

O Lord, thy Spirit’s aid impart,

And fill me with devotion’s fire;

Create anew my waiting heart,

And heavenly breathings there inspire;

Bid heart and flesh cry out for thee,

And thou my joyful portion be!

Let incense smoking from my breast,

In praise and prayer ascend thy hill;

And where I rove, or where I rest,

Do thou, O God, surround me still;

My heavenly intercourse increase,

Till as a river flows my peace.

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