April 14, 2023

Friday - Easter Events - Christ’s Suffering and Triumph - The Resurrection of Christ and Afterwards

When the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, bought spices, so that they might come and anoint Him. Very early on the first day of the week, they came to the tomb when the sun had risen...

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April 13, 2023

Thursday – Easter Events - Christ’s Suffering and Triumph - The Crucifixion of Christ and Burial

Then they brought Him to the place Golgotha, which is translated, Place of a Skull. They tried to give Him wine mixed with myrrh; but He did not take it. And they crucified Him, and divided up His garments among themselves, casting lots for them to decide what each man should take.

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April 9, 2023

A Story for Sunday: "Just Say John 3:16"

Just Say John 3:16. A little boy was selling newspapers on a windy Chicago corner. People went into and out of their houses and homes to get away from the wintry cold, hardly noticing him. The little boy was so cold that he wasn't really trying to sell many papers...

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April 8, 2023

Easter Events – What is Grace

What is Grace?The boy stood with back arched, head cocked back, and hands clenched defiantly. "Go ahead, give it to me."The principal looked down at the young rebel. "How many times have you been here?"...

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April 7, 2023

Easter Events – Honoring and Following Christ - Experiencing the Utmost Life Under the Authority of Jesus

Over the course of the earthly ministry of Jesus he was confronted regularly by religious leaders. Notice in today’s passage those who confront Jesus: “the chief priests and the scribes and the elders.”...

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April 6, 2023

Easter Events – Honoring and Following Christ - Trusting Jesus for Fruitfulness Will Cost Everything

We are exploring the eleventh chapter of the Gospel of Mark this week. The events covered take place on the first couple of days of the last week of the life of Christ. This week is often called “Holy Week” or “Passion Week.”...

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