December 30, 2022

Making Our Time Count - Growing Up Together in Christ

Let's begin today considering the word "into." When someone is "into" something, it means that they have a very strong connection with that thing and have devoted themselves to it. This devotion will consume their time, energy, and affection. If it does not, then they are really not "into" it. Perhaps, it would be reasonable to say, if there is not a considerable consumption of our time, energy, and affection in our relationship with Christ, we are not really "into" him. Notice the use of the word "into" in today's Scripture...

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December 29, 2022

Making Our Time Count - Partnering with Fellow Kingdom Members

We introduced today's focus yesterday when we talked about the help that comes from fellow kingdom members to support us in our pursuit of living our lives with God's kingdom as our top priority. We said that kingdom members help each other in the following ways: becoming good at having and maintaining an intimate relationship with the king...

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November 18, 2022

The Commission of Christ’s Church – Love, Acceptance, and Redemption

Truly the story of redemption permeates who we are as a church. In our Sunday gatherings the redeemed rejoice in the gift of their redemption through expressions of worship week after week. People come to our church whose hearts are ready for a “turning to God” experience and they feel the love and acceptance of redemption all around them. Redemptive grace is the heartbeat of those who stand before us and guide our worship. The message of redemption is proclaimed faithfully and graciously. And wonderfully on any given week the story of redemption becomes the story of those who come seeking and find the One who had been waiting for them all along, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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November 16, 2022

The Commission of Christ’s Church – People Not Place

Thinking of “church” as a place is an easy thing to do. And yet most of us understand that church is people, redeemed and joined together under the Headship of Christ. We say that we are going to church, but we really mean we are going to the place where the church (God’s people) meet. The reason for the shift to more of a focus on “people” than “place” is because of the change in focus when God replaced the old covenant with the new covenant.

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