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Real faith gets practical. At Cape Cod Church, we have a whole community of business professionals dedicated to helping one another navigate their work with greater purpose and deep faith. Join us throughout the year for topical seminars and networking events!

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Don’t miss any of our upcoming events, where you can meet and learn from other business professionals:

Career Transitions and the Great Resignation

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A panel on the impacts of COVID-19 on the workplace, and how to navigate career transitions wisely. Featured speakers included: Ed Emma (Jockey Corp, ret.), Charles Galda (Vision New England), Theresa McLaughlin (TD Bank, ret.), Mat Capron (Cognizant), Dale Seibt (Aerie Pharmaceuticals), and moderator Bryan Pearce (Ernst & Young, ret.)

Early Career Decisions

Event has passed

A special event for our young adults, about how to make wise decisions in the early career years. Topics included: interview strategies, career transitions, work-life balance, navigating faith in the workplace, and defining ‘success.’ Featured speakers: Tom Manchester (Dunkin, ret.), Theresa McLaughlin (TD Bank, ret.), Roy Heffernan (Life is Good, ret), and Mark Albers (Exxon Mobil, ret).

Emerging from the

Event has passed

A weekend retreat and panel discussion for pastors across New England, discussing insights from the marketplace and considering how they might apply to churches. 

Intern Career Coaching

Event has passed

Each summer, we gather marketplace leaders to share their insights with our college interns in a weekly coaching series.

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The past few years have changed the way we do work, prompting a ‘Great Resignation’ in the marketplace. Sound familiar? Check out this podcast episode about navigating career transitions wisely.

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